How do I fix this issue, "Host not enough!"? It oc...
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How do I fix this issue, "Host not enough!"? It occurs when I attempt to create a schema in the gui console
That seems to be related to this exception code: Which gets thrown in a number of situations where the number of replicas in your cluster do not seem to be equal to the number of zones: Do you have storage nodes down while attempting to make schema changes, maybe?
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Hi @Zack, this refers to available storage hosts is not enough. Most possible cases are. ā€¢ One storage hosts, but creating space with 3-replica factor ā€¢ First time started cluster, storage host was not acitvated, to activate storage hosts, just do
refer to:
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ADD HOSTS "hostname_or_ip0":9779, "hostname_or_ip1":9779, "hostname_or_ip2":9779;
Thanks @wey ! Definitely sounds like the latter. One recommendation, it would be helpful to have more details with this error and others that includes actionable advice. Btw, great presentation today at the workshop!
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Wow Thanks Zack! Iā€™m thinking of how to mitigate this strange error šŸ«”
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