We are facing a significant issue with the python-...
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We are facing a significant issue with the python-client(not ipython ngql extension) library of your graph database products. When using the library to run queries, it does not provide any error feedback, making it challenging to identify and address problems. As a result, we are currently resorting to using the console for queries, but this is not a viable long-term solution since we need to access the database through the python-client for API calls. This issue is hindering the smooth functioning of our backend. If anyone can help please DM me
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Hey Sankalp, do you minding creating a issue on https://github.com/vesoft-inc/nebula-python
Dear Sankalp, Let me understand your issue, the resultset comes with an error field, and is_suceeded holding the exact same information being raised in the console or ipython-ngql extension, this is not enough. This is about the feedback loop in python IDLE during python dev? or in the app itself to handle errors? if it's the latter, we normally check the result's is_suceeded field and/or error message/error code.