Hello everyone , I'm just new for Nebula Graph and...
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Hello everyone , I'm just new for Nebula Graph and facing some issue related to query for update the properties of vertex like other graph database use this query to update the specific property of vertex with the help of cypher language I have two vertex with given specific vid and also having relation between them and now I want to update the property of Room tag vertex with vid "room1" wan to change but unfortunately it wont work so I just want to know is there any possibility or having query syntax which checking the relation first like this building have this specific room id then update the room property . MATCH (bBuilding{id "building01"})-[h:having]->(rRoom{id "room1"}) SET r.Roomname = 'King' RETURN r
you could possibly try piping results of a
query that would check the connections are return valid vids into an
query. haven't tried that specific combination though
Thank you for replying me, actually I have not tried this specific combination I tried first then I will update you .