Hi. I've enabled the "redirect_stdout" flag in the...
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Hi. I've enabled the "redirect_stdout" flag in the conf file. Although, I've enabled it, corresponding logs are not being written to the stdout.log file, while logs are being written to the stderr.log file correctly. Anyone facing similar issue?
means to “redirects the`stdout` and
to separate output files.“, and actually it’s by default
, I guess you thought it means to logging to be sent to STDOUT instead of file? https://docs.nebula-graph.io/3.3.0/5.configurations-and-logs/1.configurations/4.storage-config/
Okay but the problem is, I've configured the following flag value stderrthreshold=1 in my nebula-metad.conf file. This indicates that the INFO logs are to be re-directed to the stdout logs while the logs of higher level (WARNING, ERROR) are to be re-directed to the stderr file right? In my case, the stdout file is empty and INFO logs are not written to stdout logs. @wey Can you help me in this regard?