03/06/2023, 7:54 AM
Hi team! I've a tag type "report" and have stored the id of a report as a edge property. When I try to retrieve the report id(stored as edge property) using GO query and then use FETCH query to get the report details, the following error is thrown "[ERROR (-1009)]: SemanticError: `reportIDs', the srcs should be type of FIXED_STRING, but was`__EMPTY__'". Can't we store the id as edge property and then retrieve it and use it in FETCH query? Please find the query below: GO FROM "" OVER edge_type_1 REVERSELY YIELD id($$) as idList | GO FROM $-.idList OVER edge_type_2 YIELD properties(edge).report_id as reportIDs | FETCH PROP ON report $-.reportIDs YIELD vertex as v;