It is by design, last property overwrite previous,...
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It is by design, last property overwrite previous, but you can use RANK to differentiate same edge type versions. That feature can’t be used with Cypher queries.
OpenCypher has no such concept as rank.
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is rank an integer? could i possibly use an integer timestamp as rank?
Yes it is, and you can use timestamp in eg. linux epoch format or similar.
great, thanks!
@Kasper by default, when omit, the rank field is 0(as you could see
in your query, when needed, we could insert edge with
to distinguish same type of edge between one pair of src-dst node. The result(with rank info) could be returned in cypher queries, too. There is no
in edges but quadruple of (srcid,dstid,type,rank(0, by default)) is actually the “id” of an edge.
ok makes sense, thanks for clarification @wey!
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