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08/22/2022, 11:41 AM
Hi All, I am exploring Nebula graph database for possible use in a project where it would be the core code. Of course, as I need a property graph database, I would be forking a version of Nebula to work on and try use for testing as it deviates from the general setup in which Nebula is normally used. What I am trying trying to determine are these things: 1.) Can Nebula be set up as a single-instance standalone server? -- Basically with only one instance running locally so that a local client can connect. From what I have read, it seems that Nebula needs a number of different servers running (core nebula, storage server, edge server, etc.) but I need a single standalone instance. 2.) It might take some work, but I am interested in being able to compile a small footprint version under MSYS2 MinGW so that it might run in a Windows environment. 3.) Can Nebula be set up as a library so that it could be compiled with some frontend code into a simple application? Any thoughts on these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day

Hao Wen

08/22/2022, 9:14 PM
Hi @LonnieTC 1. Please make sure whether you want to run nebula on a single server or you do need a single binary to launch nebula. You can run all instances in a single physical server without issue. If you require only a single binary, you can run the
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2. I highly doubt whether you can run nebula in windows, as we rely on multiple third-party binaries as prerequisites. Not only you need to build Nebula on windows but also find the windows version of those dependencies.
3. No we cannot run as a library. If your goal is to query nebula in your front end application, you can use our clients:


09/04/2022, 2:36 PM
@Hao Wen Hello my friend and Thanks for your reply to my questions on this. I really like what I have seen in Nebula but unfortunately I need to be able to compile and run small-footprint instances on Windows (not in Docker, etc.) as well as Linux. If Nebula ever make a Windows version or can get it to compile/run under MSYS2 (MinGW 64) then I will definitely be interested in using it for this particular product development that is not targeting server systems but more along the lines of user Desktops. Thanks again and have a great day