hello.. i'm trying to setup a nebula dev k8s insta...
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hello.. i'm trying to setup a nebula dev k8s instance, it seems like it requires a LOT of resources, is there maybe a different helm chart I should be using for a small development setup?
For Dev env, it's actually not that costly (as maybe recommended in docs?) Indeed, the operator control plane comes with some footprint, but I will recommend going with docker-compose, docker extension or NebulaGraph-Lite a try. • https://github.com/vesoft-inc/nebula-docker-compose (server with docker) • https://github.com/nebula-contrib/nebulagraph-docker-ext (desktop with docker desktop) • https://github.com/nebula-contrib/nebulagraph-lite/ (linux with pip, rootless is supported!) If k8s is anyway needed, you could give Nebula-Operator-Kind a try: • https://github.com/wey-gu/nebula-operator-kind
I want to go the k8s route whatever that ends up looking like, thanks for the reply
I did install nebula in kind , its not that heavy load last i checked . Whats your graphd and metad k8 config , can you post ?
will have to take a look