Hey, Im considering `Nebula Graph` for a new `Open...
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Hey, Im considering
Nebula Graph
for a new
big data project. And I wonder if
Nebula graph
can handle it. the main
will be called
and we expect to add 6K spans per second. Each
has an average of 25 attributes. some are intrinsic and will be part of the
. The other can change, so I thought It will be best to create an
Attribute Vertex
and link each
to its related attributes. That mean around 24K
per second. Assuming 1 month of data gathering, we can expect
16 bil Span
400 bil Attributes
There are other `Vertex`/`Edges` but they wont reach such numbers. There will be max of 20 simultaneous querying users. Query should be fast enough and measured in few seconds. Can
Nebula Graph
handle the `Write`/`Storage`/`Read` of such scenario?
It’s great to hear that you are interested in learning about and using Nebula Graph in projects with large amounts of data. Regarding your question, the answer is yes. In terms of data volume, Nebula Graph supports a scale of 16 billion spans and 400 billion attributes. However, this is based on the condition that your server configuration and quantity increase along with data expansion. You also mentioned query speed and efficiency issues, which may require understanding the enterprise version of Nebula Graph that has been optimized for queries to improve efficiency. As for reading and writing, we have many peripheral tools for data importation available on our official website.
Thanks Xiaolang for your answer. I will contact Nebula team for further details
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