Hi! Can someone please explain to me the results s...
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Hi! Can someone please explain to me the results shown in this performance comparison between NebulaGraph, HugeGraph, and Neo4j? https://www.nebula-graph.io/posts/performance-comparison-neo4j-janusgraph-nebula-graph Why does NebulaGraph take 2.035s to perform a one-hop query with 1 billion edges when it takes less than 1s to perform the one-hop query with 8 billion edges? Similarly, why would any query with a larger graph data size be significantly faster than a query with a smaller graph data size?
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This testing report was published by the Tencent Cloud Security Team and not officially released. They authorized NebulaGraph to use it, but the report is quite old, and all the relevant testing personnel have already left. If Jonathan has any new testing results that you would like to share with us, please let us know so that we can synchronize, thank you.
If it’s not officially released then why is it the first article shown on the website?
Hi @Jonathan Wong welcome to the nebulagraph community! Great catch, I didn't realize this before, it mostly could be a wrong unit of time being used,
2.035 ms
should be the correct data. Unfortunately we cannot reach out the original author now for final confirmation. Thanks! BR//Wey